Targeted communication for companies
with focus on export markets


Aarhus 2017

European Capital of Culture. Proofreading English version.


Branding, logo design, website design, design of all offline marketing material.


Branding, logo design, design of all marketing materials, employee magazine, translation.

Frode Laursen

Website branding and design, design of all online & offline communication.


Branding, design of all online & offline communication, content, translation.


New company name and tagline, logo design, complete website design, brand launch campaign.

Attentive and personal agency that can – and does

Strandkvist Communications is a network-based agency that helps small and medium-sized businesses define their brand and communicate their value online and off, in all markets worldwide.

Everything we do serves a single purpose: To give companies that export their products and services to foreign markets more flexible and affordable access to the best communication money can buy.

Flexible, because we’re not in the game of making you dependent on us for everything under the sun. We work on a task-by-task basis, tackling your assignment professionally and efficiently, and then getting out and letting you decide when you need our help again.

Affordable, because we believe in simplicity and efficiency. Our formula is to combine the best talent available with an ultra-lean setup – so you only ever pay for market-leading communicative power.

We’re an agile agency with reliable access to top talent in Denmark and abroad. And we’ll solve whatever communication challenge you face by assembling the perfect team for the job and delivering on time and on budget.


Branding & design

Let us give your brand a lift with an updated brand identity and look and feel.

Not even the most skillfully crafted words are enough if you’re unsure about what your product or company is all about, or exactly who your messaging should target.

Our branding and positioning experts can help you pin down powerful names, slogans, value propositions or messaging for your product. And we can guide you through the process of finalizing corporate values or a new positioning, mission or vision statement. We can even help define your company’s tone of voice – formalizing this in a standards-based style guide.

We can also help on the visual side, designing a new logo, refreshing your existing one, creating a CVI for your brand, and of course designing your website, email newsletters, brochures and other marketing material.

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Copy & translation

Get your message across in expertly crafted wording in any language.

Your message will only truly reach and move your customers, partners and current and future employees if it’s communicated in language that is expertly crafted and 100% native.

Our copywriters and content developers are seasoned professionals who only write in their own language, who know your market inside and out, and who have years of experience helping global exporters solve tough communication challenges.

If you need content in multiple languages, our expert native-speaking translators, team-based approach, advanced terminology management and airtight QA will make sure you get a premium translation every time, regardless of language.

The result for you is marketing and communication material that performs in all your markets, giving you far more bang for your overall marketing buck.

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Bring your brochure to life

Give customers something to remember you by with this hot new marketing trend.

Your customers love the convenience of watching online videos, but there’s nothing like being handed a physical brochure as a tangible token of your interest and commitment.

The Video Brochure combines the best of both worlds, quickly and effectively delivering your message, while also serving as a much appreciated “gift” that customers can carry around and share with others.

Maybe that’s why Video Brochures get an average of 6 times more attention than traditional brochures – and are one of the fastest-growing new formats in the marketing world.

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Let us guide you to export success

Communicating effectively in export markets is more difficult than many companies believe. Simple translations of Danish websites, brochures and emails aren’t good enough. You need to adapt your communication to the foreign customer’s culture and business language conventions.

Based on our many years of global communication, we can explain what’s needed and deliver communication that really works in the specific market you are targeting. If you let us help you talk to your customers in their own language on their own terms, we promise you will notice the difference on your bottom line.

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  • Jeg har samarbejdet med Strandkvist Communications i flere år, og trods vi er en lille virksomhed, føler jeg altid at blive prioriteret. Strandkvist er meget fleksibel og kan agere hurtigt ved hastesager. Han er kreativ og kommer med særdeles brugbare input til de materialer vi laver. At have Strandkvist som leverandør, gør mit job meget nemmere.

    Lone Pedersen Marketingchef, RanTek A/S
  • An agile and creative bureau with a strong customer focus, Strandkvist Communications has been a proactive adviser throughout. Jan and his team developed a clear marketing plan for Iwalo, and subsequently first­class marketing materials to drive the plan. Strandkvist Communications have delivered at every stage of our collaboration and is therefore a highly valued partner for the future.

    Andrew Walker Iwalo ApS
  • Vi har gennem længere tid anvendt Strandkvist Communications til udarbejdelse af salgsmateriale, hjemmeside og til generel sparring i forhold til markedsføring. Vi er meget tilfredse af de flotte resultater vi hver gang er blevet præsenteret for. Desuden har der været en rigtig fin fornemmelse for vores virksomhed og hvilke budskaber vi gerne vil sende. Samarbejdet er altid spændende og inspirerende!

    Helle Hededal Lentz Boje & Lentz ApS,
  • I am far from easy to satisfy. We just explained Strandkvist Communications what we wanted. They were quite responsive and got it right in the very first place. This was really impressive. Extending our circle of trust to Strandkvist Communications was definitely a good choice to cover our current and future web site needs. Well placed trust.

    Dimitri Stoquart Owner, Stoquart SA